XeP3 Products

The only business tool that looks at interfacing activity noise as well as functional activity.

The Bevington Group has developed XeP3 to cater for a variety of business needs.

  1. Uncover the hidden productivity opportunities within your organisation with XeP3 LEAN ACCELERATOR (Team & Process) or XeP3 PROCESS WIZARD.
  2. Free up trapped capacity that is obstructing your individual performance with XeP3 JOB.


1. XeP3 LEAN ACCELERATOR (Team & Process)

XeP3 LEAN ACCELERATOR captures data vertically to obtain a complete map of what various roles really do, then generates a horizontal cross-functional process end to end view. With the ability to identify what is reducing productivity through interfacing activity noise XeP3 LEAN ACCELERATOR enables the new process to be redesigned where the interfacing activity noise is reduced and productivity is dramatically improved.

Vertical - Horizontal - Vertical

XeP3 LEAN ACCELERATOR focuses on roles and processes at the department or organisational levels.

XeP3 Lean Accelerator Process

Enables you to:

  • Map complex or multiple processes
  • Handles multiple teams/departments/divisions/companies
  • Work across different departments
  • Include external organisations involved
  • Addresses process, role, structure and system issues
  • Manage the change
  • Keep your project on track
  • Provide staff with the tool to manage their own actions in the change

Suits internal consulting teams. Bevington Group consultants preferred productivity improvement tool.

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XeP3 PROCESS WIZARD enables a quick end to end process documentation, including current time spent and interfacing activity noise, key interfacing activity noise drivers are examined and the new process is designed to address the noise.

Enables you to:

  • Map a simple process
  • Do it yourself with the assistance of a built in help
  • Identify the priority issues to address, size the opportunity and drive the change to enhance business performance

Ideal for business analysts looking at a small process or part of a larger end-to-end process.

A useful tool to use as a pilot project or proof of concept.

A great way to get started and learn how XeP3 can revolutionise the way you manage interface activity noise and functional activities.

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3. XeP3 JOB - Developed for the individual

XeP3 JOB is designed to free up trapped capacity that is obstructing individual performance.

XeP3 JOB takes you from chaos to order

XeP3 JOB enables you to:

  • Review your job;
  • Identify the interface activity noise that inhibits productivity and blocks you from achieving your goals;
  • To free up trapped capacity by identifying activities and tasks in your role that obstruct performance;
  • Prioritise the actions required to remove these blockages.


Ideal for individuals looking to improve their personal productivity.



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