XeP3 supports Lean

How XeP3 supports the Lean principles

XeP3 supports Lean in terms of the defining, measuring, analysis, improving and control, which are represented as a continuous cycle.

XeP3 Lean Accelerator DMAIC

XeP3 supports Lean by:-

  1. Providing fast rigorous data collection
  2. Enabling noise measurement and therefore waste
  3. Addressing the best way the process can flow by identifying the best way to standardise the process, eliminate the bottlenecks, address the noise drivers and pull out separate complex processes and set them up.
  4. The drivers enable us to eliminate waste.
  5. Providing the opportunity to inject value driving activity to existing activities.
  6. In addition to the standard Lean KPI, there is the opportunity to look at behavioural change indicators to make sure that KPIs will be met.
  7. Most importantly it is a continuous improvement method.