What does XeP3 do?

XeP3 provides people in teams in organisations with the tools and support to rapidly document collaboratively their existing end to end business processes.

What is new and different is that the staff are able to use XeP3 to quickly reveal and address the latent (think 20%+) productivity, customer service (expect step improvements) and employee satisfaction goals.

XeP3 will maintain up-to-date process documentation and support scenario modelling within organisations and between multiple organisations.


XeP3 provides people in multiple teams in a company with the knowledge, skills and tools to rapidly document in a collaborative manner existing end-to-end business processes, identify ways to improve business performance – productivity and customer service – and scenario model future business processes within or across divisions while promoting cross unit/divisional understanding and knowledge sharing.


XeP3 provides members of different functional teams either within the same company or across different companies and industries with the knowledge, skills and tools to rapidly diagnosis their performance in a collaborative manner and identify ways to improve their team's performance – productivity and/or – customer service – while becoming further engaged in their business and forming a network of people facing similar challenges


XeP3 enables a company wide continuous improvement culture to be quickly fostered and entrenched by providing all employees with a common understanding, approach, nomenclature and corporate tool for driving business performance at an individual, team, division and corporate level aligned with the company's strategy and goals.


XeP3 enables enterprises to extend into their customer and supplier businesses.