Roger Perry and XeP3

During the past 20 years I have been privileged to play an integral part of the development of the XeP3 interface mapping approach. During this time XeP3 has enabled the Bevington Group to meet and consistently exceed client requirements now in over 200 applications. At a strategic level the XeP3 approach has provided the platform for all our restructuring, change management and process innovation engagements as well as enabling us to help organisations to dramatically increase the speed and yield from their Six Sigma and Lean investments.

I am really excited now by the latest XeP3 cloud based tools which have just become available. The new XeP3 Wizard tool simply replaces existing brown paper, post-it notes and Visio maps in order to quickly and precisely quantify and target the priority changes needed to lift productivity, performance and service in your key business processes. The tool has been proven to be effective both within an organisation and in today's multi-organisation, end to end supply chains. Staff consistently welcome XeP3 because it gets to their real issues and it does not take up much of their time. The precision, low business impact and speed of deployment will surprise and delight management by revealing major opportunities, for example, a 20% productivity gain, hidden in plain sight which can be quickly harvested. The delays and costs associated with IT changes are typically simply side stepped.

Roger Perry, Managing Director, Bevington Group