Prof. Danny Samson and XeP3

There are some very persuasive reasons why organisations don't bother to map and measure their interfacing activities. The most obvious is that the tools in common use are not up to the job.

Researchers have been looking for decades for a simple mechanism to dramatically lift productivity, customer service and employee satisfaction – to put Lean and Six Sigma on steroids AND strategically align business processes. We have recognised employees need to be fully engaged, and that management need to be given the information to set priorities and manage interfaces within and between organisations.

XeP3 is unique, a world first, because it gets down to the detail needed to achieve dramatic improvements quickly and precisely. It gives every organisation the mechanism to catch up with the world's best.

It is quick, comprehensive, properly engages the staff, and is proven in practice. It will reveal embedded capacity averaging one-and-two-thirds days in every five days worked on average, and in some organisations it will be as high as four in every five days worked. It can provide information to 'lean' initiatives, six sigma, quality teams, and managers alike which will enable them to deliver more benefit, more quickly, and on a wider front. It has the potential to provide the information base to enable organisations to literally raise their productivity and break through what has been seen as a paradoxical limit on working harder to achieve more.

Prof. Danny Samson, Professor of Management, Department of Management and Marketing, The University of Melbourne.