Diana Perry & XeP3

Interface Activity Noise is found everywhere where people work, that is in every process in every team in every organisation.

We have designed XeP3 to simplify process analysis and identify the interface activity noise. XeP3 provides quick and practical outcomes embraced by staff who take part. 

XeP3 takes only a matter of days compared with conventional process mapping which takes months and even years.

It looks at both interface activity noise and functional activities.

These activities are quantified, rework and duplication are identified and highlighted, and the process is completely signed off by the staff that actually does the work, as opposed to only being owned only by the process mapper.

The staff and management can understand and interpret the results and come up with practical changes to make the process work much more efficiently and effectively. Indeed the staff wants to make the change and it’s very hard to stop them once they get excited.

XeP3 provides people in teams in organisations with the tools and support to rapidly document collaboratively their existing business processes.

Diana Perry, Chief Product Officer, Bevington Group