About XeP3

Welcome to an new era in managing processes.

XeP3 is a cloud based, patented, productivity improvement toolset to analyse process activities, including the usually undocumented interfacing activities. It is ideal for improving complex processes, widespread process reengineering and change management programs. XeP3 is applicable to all sizes of organisations.

XeP3 is truly unique. The best way we can describe it is as a productivity improvement toolset. The intellectual property behind the tools make productivity improvement happen.

XeP3 provides people in teams in organisations with the tools and support to rapidly document collaboratively their existing end to end business processes. What is new and different is that the staff are able to use it to quickly reveal and address the latent (think 20%+) productivity, customer service (expect step improvements) and employee satisfaction goals. XeP3 will maintain up-to-date process specifications and support scenario modelling within organisations and between multiple organisations.

XeP3 identifies the interfacing activities and the interfacing activity noise quickly even in large organisations. The staff use XeP3 to do it themselves, establishing a high degree of ownership from the outset - a key change success factor. The tool accumulates viral noise by cause to allow management to set priorities and justify change initiatives.

Managers are thus able to rapidly improve productivity, customer service levels and staff satisfaction as well as lift performance.

XeP3 rapidly delivers business outcomes...
Increase productivity
  • Typical improvements of ≥15%
  • Reduced process cycle times
  • Reduced error rates
  • Lift company performance
Better customer service
  • Eliminates the interfacing activity noise which destroys customer service to make your customer interactions a positive experience
  • Eliminate irritating customer contacts and chasing them for missing information or trouble shooting
Improve employee satisfaction
  • Make your organisation efficient and effective
  • Fix the noisy interfacing activities
  • Improve staff morale and change your culture for the better
  • Provide role clarity for staff
Optimise Technology
  • Develop accurate specifications
  • Automate support functions and eliminate noise activities
  • Minimise work arounds
  • Meet projected business benefits and returns

The XeP3 Process Wizard has been developed to make it quick and easy to improve processes in your workplace.